Wal-Mart shopping tip: Take the reds for a ride

Wal-Mart-wheel-wIf you’re new to the Lovejoy area, you should know two main things about our Wal-Mart: 1) If the bananas ain’t ripe here, they’re probably not ripe anywhere, so just grab a bunch and wait it out; and 2) Avoid the gray-wheeled shopping carts, or “buggies” as we used to call them, and take the reds for a ride instead.

Once you live here for a few weeks, you’ll see Wal-Mart shopping carts all over the place, because people will sometimes push them full of groceries all the way home. By the way, that is actually theft, so we don’t recommend rolling these handy vehicles further than the parking lot. But seriously, we have seen people pushing them along shortcuts through fields. That can’t be good on the wheels.

These old carts get used and abused, and over time they don’t roll very well anymore. So you can imagine our complete surprise not so long ago when we strolled up, grabbed a cart, and it actually rolled smoothly across Wal-Mart’s waxy floors. I stopped, stepped back and took a good look at this obviously brand-new cart. And then I noticed this new one has red trim on its rear wheels. The older ones have darker wheels.

Ever since that day, I look for a set of red rear wheels whenever visiting the Lovejoy Wal-Mart.

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